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Product Number : P14278-B21

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A camera icon in this column next to a part number indicates that a diagram or photograph is available showing that part. Click on the icon to retrieve the diagram or photo. Add to Cart Click to Buy Part Number Part Description Most Used CSR Tech Courier  RoHS
670945-001 Left bezel ear assembly A -N/A- COMPLY_1405
875065-001 2U bezel A -N/A- COMPLY_5012
667263-001 Support bracket with card guides - Supports the rear of the PCIe cards when installed on the system I/O board - Includes left and right support brackets A -N/A- COMPLY_5012
P10794-001 Cable, Jumper cord C13/C14 India 2.0 m Blank A -N/A- COMPLY_2106
P23361-001 Power Cables A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P24100-001 Cable Arm, 2U A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P24127-001 Cable - I/O Board to Board, Front A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P24129-001 Cable - CPU0/CPU1 to Raiser Port1 A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P24130-001 Cable - Bay3, Riser A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P24131-001 Cable - Bay2, PP 1/2, 3/4 A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P24132-001 Cable - Bay2 to X32 , Bay1 to X16 Pri/Se A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P24133-001 Cable - Midtray, Prem/Basic-Host Board A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P24134-001 Cable - Spliter, Bay3/1, P.P.1-4 to X16, A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P24135-001 Cable - Spliter, Bay2, P.P.1-2/3-4 to X1 A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P24136-001 Cable - Split Midtray Port,1-4 to X32 Pr A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P24137-001 Cable - Fan-Out,SAS1-3,SAS/SATA-X8 SlimS A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P24138-001 Cable - Miscellaneous A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P24139-001 Cable - X4 MS-4LFF/PRI/TER/8SFF SAS A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P24141-001 Ear SFF/LFF-DL385 Right/Left+Power Cable A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
Cable Kit
784621-001 Mini-SAS cable assembly kit (Includes two mini-SAS cables) - For connecting the 8-bay Small Form Factor (SFF) hard drive cage to the drive controller board A -N/A- COMPLY_5012
784629-001 Mini-SAS cable kit (Includes six cables) - For connecting between the 8-bay and 2-bay small form factor (SFF) hard drive cages and the H240 host bus adapter or the P440ar controller board A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
875096-001 Power cable kit A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
775428-001 Flex-bay enclosure kit for two hard drives - Includes the two small form factor (SFF) hard drive cage (side by side), SATA hard drive backplane board, power cable 275mm (10.8 inches) long, and SATA HDD cable 430mm (16.9 inches) long A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
780971-001 8-bay hot-plug small form factor (SFF) hard drive cage assembly - Includes the metal cage structure and the SAS backplane board - Mounts in the front of the server B -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P24028-001 Cage, PCI Riser, 2U A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
652999-001 Hard drive blank (cover) - To fill empty 2.5-inch small form factor (SFF) drive bay slots N -N/A- COMPLY_2406
667276-001 Hard drive blank (Cover) - To fill empty Small Form Factor (SFF) drive bays - Gen8 A -N/A- COMPLY_5012
675607-001 Small Form Factor (SFF) hard drive blank (Cover) - To fill unused hard drive bays A -N/A- COMPLY_1405
775423-001 DL560/DL360 Gen9 blank cover kit - Contains power supply blank cover, Flexible LOM blank cover, fan slot blank, and Heat Sink blank A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
875069-001 Miscellaneous blanks kit front A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
670033-001 Hard drive blank (cover) - To fill empty Small Form Factor (SFF) drive bays - for Gen8 servers B -N/A- COMPLY_5012
878543-001 8-Small Form Factor (SFF) SAS backplane 12 GB/s interface speed B -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P23681-001 4-Large Form Factor (LFF) UBM SAS Backplane B -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P23970-001 HPE DL38X Gen10 Plus High Performance Fan Kit A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P23971-001 Generic, Fan, Module A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
Fan (Product)
875066-001 Blank kit includes - Fan and latch M.cell + PCIe/T. RTNRs A -N/A- COMPLY_5012
P19929-001 Blank, Quad NIC A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P23634-001 Guide, Rail, OCP, STD, Left+Right A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P23975-001 Top Cover, Large Form Factor, with Label A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P23976-001 Top Cover, Small Form Factor (SFF), with Label A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P24029-001 Fan Cage, 2U A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P24040-001 2 Small Form Factor x4 StKd, Smart Carrier, Backplane A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P24042-001 2 Large Form Factor(LFF), stack/riser, low profile, backplane A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P24047-001 U.3 Prem. 8 Small Form Factor, Smart Carrier, Backplane A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P24101-001 Miscellaneous Blanks Kit Rear A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P24140-001 Baffle, System, 2U A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P24307-001 Guard, DIMM, 2U,Left/Right A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P24556-001 Generic, H/S,1U B -N/A- COMPLY_2406
Hardware Kit
809955-001 Miscellaneous blank kit for Apollo 4200 - Includes air blocker for PCIe expansion slots 5-7, air blocker for front 2-drive cage backplane, chassis retention bracket, fan blank, LFF and SFF drive blank, cable management holder, and FlexibleLOM blank A -N/A- COMPLY_5012
Heat Sink
P00249-001 Standard heatsink 2U B -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P22547-001 HPE DL38X Gen10 Plus High Performance Heat Sink Kit A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
878510-001 PCI CPU2 blanks kit A -N/A- COMPLY_5012
Memory (DIMM)
P14635-001 DIMM CL32GB PC4-2933Y-R.2Rx4 A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
875088-001 I/O UID large form factor (LFF) module B -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P00845-001 Power/system insight display module with label A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P23972-001 Power Module, 2U A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
PC Board
775401-001 SAS/SATA backplane board - For the front 2-bay small form factor (SFF) hard drive cage - Up to 12Gbs transfer speed - Optional board for configurations requiring more than eight hard drives and no optical drive - Mounts on the rear of the drive cage A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
875554-001 2 - Small form factor (SFF) SAS/SATA drive backplane plus cage assembly B -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P02757-001 System I/O board (motherboard) assembly used in DL360 and DL380 Gen9 servers - Includes the system I/O board, alcohol pad, thermal grease B -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P18718-001 System I/O C -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P18720-001 16/x16 Slot 2/3 Riser C -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P18721-001 16/x16 Slot 1/2 Riser C -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P24034-001 16 Tertiary Riser A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P24048-001 3 x16,Tri-mode Riser A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
142258-001 AC Power Distribution Unit (PDU) power cord (Black) - 250 V ac, 16 AWG, 2.0 m (6.6 ft) long - Includes IEC-320 C14 (M) connector to IEC 320 C13 (F) connector A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
142258-002 AC Power Distribution Unit (PDU) power cord (Black) - 250 V ac, 16 AWG, 2.5 m (8.2 ft) long - Includes IEC-320 C14 (M) connector to IEC 320 C13 (F) connector A -N/A- COMPLY_2106
142263-001 Power cord (Black) - Three conductor, 1.83 m (6.0 ft) long - IEC-320 C-14 to IEC-320 C-13 N -N/A- COMPLY_2406
Power Cord Please click here for important information regarding the differences between Power Cords, Power Modules, and AC Adapters.
142258-003 AC Power Distribution Unit (PDU) power cord (Black) - 250 V, 16 AWG, 3 m (9.8 ft) long - Has C14 (M) connector to C13 (F) connector A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
416151-291 HPE 12A Black Power Cord (Japan) -N/A- -N/A- COMPLY_2406
416151-AA1 HPE Power Cord 1.8m (6ft) long C13 -N/A- -N/A- COMPLY_2406
416151-B21 Power Distribution Unit (PDU) power cord -N/A- -N/A- COMPLY_2406
491683-AA1 AC power 3-wire, 1.83 m (6 ft) long cord black A -N/A- COMPLY_1906
538266-001 Power cord (black) - Three conductor, 1.82 m (6 ft) long - Has straight (F) C13 receptacle (For 100 V in Japan) A -N/A- COMPLY_1906
Rack Mount Kit
P24098-001 Rack Mount Kit, 2U, Easy Install, Small Form Factor A -N/A- COMPLY_2406
P24555-001 INTR Switch, Hood B -N/A- COMPLY_5012