Welcome to Hewlett Packard Enterprise PartSurfer !

Before you continue reading this document, we hope that you will try using HPE PartSurfer first. PartSurfer is designed to be very user friendly, and most users find it easy to locate the parts information they need without detailed instructions. Simply move your mouse over any field heading in italics for help on getting started. This user guide is provided for those who prefer more detailed step-by-step instructions.

 HPE PartSurfer Overview

Purpose and Scope

HPE PartSurfer is designed to help HPE product owners and HPE product repair technicians identify part numbers and other part information, primarily for the purpose of servicing and repairing HPE products. We also provide a direct link to the HPE Parts Store (for U.S. customers only) to allow you to order parts online. PartSurfer does NOT include instructions for repair, maintenance, or installation of products and parts. If you are not trained in repairing your product, or are not certain that you know what the exact problem is with your product, we strongly encourage you to first contact HPE technical support to determine the best repair strategy for your HPE product. (Click the contact HPE link at the upper left of the main PartSurfer page for information on product support options.)

Basic Tasks

PartSurfer assists with two basic types of part lookup tasks, with a variety of options for getting to the information that you need:

  • You may need to find or verify a part number and other part information for an HPE part, based primarily on the part's physical description or its function within your product. You may have the part in front of you, may have a description of the part from someone else, or may know from your repair experience what part you need. For whatever reason, you need to find the HPE part number and its associated information, and possibly order the part.
  • You may know the part number for the HPE part that you need, and simply need to look up part information and/or order the part. This feature of PartSurfer also provides a list of all HPE products that use a specific part. Please note: the part number of the part currently recommended by HPE for replacement may not be the same as the number that you see on the old part, or even in your product documentation, as part numbers are sometimes changed as different versions of a part become available. You should only use this direct part lookup feature if you are very sure that you know the part number that you need.
System Requirements
  • Internet Explorer version 10.x or greater, Chrome 20.x or greater, and Firefox version 6.x or greater.
  • Cookies must be allowed (see browser’s help file).
  • JavaScript must be enabled (see browser’s help file).
  • Browser pop-up blocker must be off for some functions to work (see browser’s help file)
Font Conventions Used in This Document
  • Specific actions that you can take within PartSurfer, such as Enter a Model Number or Select a Keyword are displayed in a bold font for quick reference.
  • Screen field headings, such as Part Number or product search: are displayed in italics.
  • Examples of information to be entered by the user, such as 33440-69001 or laserjet 5 are displayed in a typewriter font.

Finding an HPE Part Number

Follow these step-by-step instructions to find an HPE part number and associated information:

  1. Select your country or region . . .

    Before using HPE PartSurfer, you first need to let us know what country or region you are in. You will only need to do this once, and it will be remembered in a cookie on your computer for all your future accesses. Some of our information is tailored to specific geographic areas. Just select a country or region from the drop-down menu at the upper right of the main screen. If your country isn't listed, select a nearby country, as information will probably be similar.

  2. Identify your HPE product . . .

    We next need to know what HPE product you have in order to help you find the part(s) that you need. After FIRST locating your HPE product, as described below, you will be given several options for finding your part(s). There are five different ways to find your product:

    • Enter the serial number from your product in the text box located in the Quick Search tab. The serial number is found on the back or bottom of your HPE product, and will be in a format such as USE646N6FJ, 2UA73310K5 or CNU6080B8C.
    • Enter the product number from your product in the text box located in the Quick Search tab. The product number is found on the back or bottom of your HPE product, and will be in a format such as C2010A, 33440A or D7399A. If you can take a moment to find the product number on your product, this will be the most accurate way to locate the information you need.
    • Enter the part number from your product in the text box located in the Quick Search tab. The part number is found on the back or bottom of your HPE product, and will be in a format such as C2801-40001, 384705-051 or 5063-1256.
    • Enter the name or description of your product in the text box located in the Quick Search tab. For example, laserjet 5, pavilion 6532 or omnibook. Searching for an HPE part by entering a general description (such as Power Cord, Fusing Assembly, Motherboard, or Cartridge) in the search field on this screen will probably NOT be successful.
    • Select the general family that your product belongs to from the list on the Hierarchy tab. Locate your product by 'drilling down' through the HPE product families.
    • Enter the part/product number in the text box located in the Quick Search tab with wildcard [asterisk(*)] search for single character replacement. For example, search for av*33u* which returns matching results.

    Select the Lookup similar items check box if you want to match similar part numbers or product numbers. For example, if you enter the search string 33440A and check the box, the following results will be returned: 33440A, 33440A-T, 33440AB, etc. Please note: the Lookup similar items check box only works when searching for product numbers and part numbers.

    If your product search finds a single matching HPE product, a screen will be displayed that will allow you to look up parts information. If your search finds multiple matches (or if you searched through product families), you will need to select from a list of products for that family or search result.

    The General Tab is the default view for most search results. This provides the user with a generic list of parts that are used within a family of similar products (multiple hard drives, memory modules, etc.) If a serial number search is performed, or a product SKU (Stock Keeping Number) search and you then click on the Advanced Tab, a more specific spares list called a BOM (Bill Of Materials) will be displayed when available. Also a Component BOM, which is a list of parts as used in the manufacturing process, may be available.

  3. Customize your search results . . .

    Once you have specified your product, you will see a list of all replacement parts for the product, grouped by keyword and part number. If you want to filter the parts list, you can click on the Customize your results link. This will display a form that will allow you to filter the parts listing based on the following criteria:

    • Select RoHS. This will display a list of all replacement parts that are RoHS compliant.
    • Select Part photo. This will display a list of all replacement parts for the product that have a part photo available.
    • Select a Keyword. This will display a list of parts for the keyword. Keywords are very specific groupings of parts, such as Button, PC Board, Roller, Power Cord.
    • Select a Category. This will display a list of parts for the category, grouped by keyword and part number. Categories are more general groupings of parts, based on location within the product or functionality, such as Fusing Assembly Parts, External Case Parts, Drives and Controllers, Electronic Accessories.
    • Enter a search value in the String Search field. This will search through all part numbers and part descriptions for the product, and display a list of all matching parts, grouped by keyword and part number.

    After you have selected your filter criteria, click the Apply button. This will display an updated parts list based on your filter criteria.

  4. Find your part(s) using a parts diagram . . .

    If an interactive parts diagram is available for your product, a selection field labeled View a parts diagram will be shown on the General tab. Parts diagrams allow you to visually confirm that you have found the correct part. You may move your mouse over objects on the interactive diagram for quick part information, or click on the object for more detail. Please note that parts that are shown in pale gray on some diagrams are not orderable parts, but are included on the diagram for reference only.

    To view the parts diagram, select Interactive mode for an interactive parts diagram, or select Printable mode if you want to print the diagram. Select the component of the part you want to view from the drop-down menu. Click the search icon Search icon to view the parts diagram.

    • Move your mouse over an object to see a pop-up box displaying the keyword and part number(s) corresponding to the part.
    • Click on an object or keyword for more detailed part information. Information for the part(s) (in the same format as in a parts listing) will be displayed, followed by a redisplay of the diagram with a red arrow pointing to the selected part.
    • The pop-up box displayed for some diagram objects contains a link labeled ‘View More Detail’. Click the View More Detail link to display a more detailed view of the part or assembly.

    If a parts diagram for your part is not available within PartSurfer, one may be available at the HPE Service Media Library. Click the HPE Service Media Library link in the left menu to be taken to the HPE Service Media Library search page.

  5. Find your part(s) or part information on a parts listing . . .

    Parts listings contain the following fields and features to allow you to verify part numbers, access part prices (in some countries), and order parts on-line (currently only for U.S. customers):

    • Parts diagram/photo indicator: A camera icon in the left column of a parts listing entry indicates that there is a diagram or photo displaying that part. Click on the camera icon to display either a photograph of the part or a diagram with a red arrow pointing to the part. (See the previous section for details on using parts diagrams.)
    • Add to Cart: (U.S. only) used to select parts you want to order from the HPE Parts Store web site. (See details on ordering parts below.)
    • Click to Buy: A Buy button that takes you directly to the HPE Home and Home Office Store.
    • Part number: The HPE part number.
    • Description: A detailed description for the part, including information, where relevant, on where and/or how the part is used within the specific product. Although PartSurfer does not show real-time part availability information, there are notes in some descriptions to indicate parts that are no longer available, or that have special ordering requirements.
    • Show Functional Equivalent: Once a products spares list is displayed, click the Search icon button. If an equivalent part is available, a Search icon button will be displayed next to a part number. Click the Search icon button to display a popup window with that information. Otherwise there will be a NO Functional Equivalent message displayed.
    • SBOM button (May also appear as Updated SBOM Available >>): Clicking on the Search icon button displays a raw, unfiltered spares list for commercial products, which in some cases is more current than the information displayed on the Advanced Tab. This feature is used primarily by support agents, as needed.

  6. Order parts through the HPE Parts Store (available in select countries only) . . .

    From any PartSurfer parts listing, select the check box in the Add to Cart column, and click the Add Parts to Cart button. When you have filled your cart with all of the parts you want to order, click the Shopping Cart icon Shopping cart icon at the top of the page. We hope to have linkages soon to online HPE parts ordering tools that are being developed for other countries.

    The following actions are available on the Shopping Cart page:

    • Update the number in the Qty text box to change the number of parts you want to order.
    • Select the Remove check box and then click the Update cart>> button to remove parts from your shopping cart.
    • Click the Update cart>> button to complete any changes you have made to the parts in your shopping cart.
    • Click the Place order>> button to be taken to the HPE Home and Home Office Store where you can order the parts in your cart.
    • Click the Order more parts>> button to return to the PartSurfer homepage to search for additional parts.